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Blackboard Learn

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Access Blackboard Learn

Access Blackboard Learn here.

Getting Started


The following are basic requirements for taking an online course:

  • Basic computer skills such as turning a computer on and off, use of the mouse and keyboard, and opening applications (software).
  • Regular access to the internet via a personal computer meeting the computer requirements for this and any other course that makes use of the Blackboard Learn course management software.
  • Ability to connect to the Internet and successfully access your courses through Blackboard Learn.

Will my computer and browser work with Blackboard Learn?

Check the Blackboard requirements website to identify if your computer and browser are compatible. Please note that Sun Java Virtual Machines is required regardless of the operating system and or browser you are using.

How do I access my Online Courses?

You can access your online courses through Blackboard Learn: Feel free to bookmark this site on your browser. You will need your NetID and password to login.

Getting the Semester Started

At the beginning of the semester, login to Blackboard Lean and read your course materials. One of the most common reasons students get lost or discouraged in online courses is the result of not reading the material or guidelines that you are provided. Assume that if there is a link to a document in your course, you should be reading it, unless your instructor tells you otherwise.

If you have any questions about the course materials, contact your instructor within the course. Students are responsible for meeting course deadlines. Be sure to take the time to familiarize yourself with the course materials and the Blackboard Learn software.

Using Blackboard Learn

Here is a link to the tutorial, How to use Blackboard Learn for Students.

Students are responsible for knowing how to use Blackboard Learn. Go through this tutorial and learn about Blackboard Learn. Become familiar with the various tools that may be used in your online courses.

This tutorial will be available for you from within your course. It is also available on the entry page to Blackboard Lean. You can go back and review this tutorial anytime, especially if you forget how to use some of the tools.

There will be questions from the tutorial included in the review.

Written Assignment Skills

The College of Nursing requires the use of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) publication style for the majority of the written work you will do. In order to produce documents in APA style, there are some basic word processing skills you will need. If you are rusty on formatting skills, you can review the APA Resources listed below. The "Writing Guidelines for UNM College of Nursing Students" is also here, and will give you a quick overview of APA standards for College papers if you need it (the pages to check out start on page 7).

When you turn in your papers electronically, many instructors will use a Word tool called "Comments" to insert their feedback into your work, and then they will send your paper back in the Assignments tool. So it's also important to know how to view the comments in a graded, returned assignment.

Review the below resources. The questions found in the review will come from these resources.


Online Help

Access the Blackboard Learn online guide here.