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Name Department Primary Qualitative Interest Current Projects/Grants Mentor Other Comments
Elle Allison
(505) 235-0665
Organizational Learning Long interview and timeline of life losses within the constructivist paradigm Working on doctoral dissertation on the growth of wisdom in nurses. Specifically, life losses and the resonses to it, linking data to emotional intelligence Yes I will be presenting my research model at the NexusEQ International Conference in Holland this June. This is a good sign because it shows the industry in interested in supporting the nursing workforce. I am also seeking nominations of nurses who are perceived as being wise who would be willing to participate in my study.
Jennifer Averill
(505) 272-0859
Nursing Critical Ethnography R15 grant underway; critical ethnography & participatory action research re. health care issues for multicultural rural elders in SW NM Yes  -
Catherine Baca
- - - - -
Sharon Barefoot
(505) 268-2786 (505) 879-1832
Allergy Clinic & Outpatient Treatment Center (5ACC) - - - My previous experience has primarily been in inpatient pediatrics.
Mary Blessings
- - - - -
Carol Capitano - - Doctoral Student, Nursing - -
Laura Earl
- - - - -
Jodi Eckart
- - - - -
Socorro Escandon
Nursing Grounded Theory Elder Caregiving Family Yes -
Molly Faulkner
- - - - -
Jessica Goodkind Pediatrics (center for Health Promotion & Disease Prev.) Combining qualitative & quantitative methods for evaluating community based interv-entions Refugee well-being. PTSD Native Youth. - -
Robin-Meize Grochowski
(505) 272-2406
Nursing Eclectic approach, including phenomenology, ethnographic interview. Mixed methods. Celiac disease included and / or family - -
Peter Guarnero
(505) 272-8846
Nursing Mixed Methods, Grounded Theory Hispanic men’s health, gay and bisexual men’s health - -
Rachel Haverkos
- - - - -
Deborah Helitzer
Vice chair research, Family Practice - - - -
Ingrid Hendrix Nursing Librarian, HSLIC Literature searching - Yes -
Nancy Hood Pediatrics (Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prev.) Use of qual. data in evaluation projects Evaluation of the center family & youth resource act evaluation - -
Barb Hooper Occupational Therapy Case Studies / Narrative Inquiry Influence of faculty biography and disciplinary context on teaching for epistemic development of grad. Students Yes Development interest: Implicit views of learning and transformation in community partnership program
Laurel Humphrey
- - - - -
Alexis Kaminsky Family and community medicine Qualitative methods and analysis (multiple approaches) Refugees community-based research ethics in research politics and philosophy of knowledge production Yes -
Rebecca Kiss - - - - -
Linda MacDonald
- - - - -
Cindy Mendelson
(505) 272-8241
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing Ethnography Internet applications to qualitative research NIH/NINR - R15. Living with the wolf: Women's self-management of lupus Yes -
Marcia Moriatra
- - - - -
Marie Mugavin Nursing Ethnography Doctoral Student - -
Sandra Soprano
- - - - -
Meredith Stockman
- - - - -
Michele Suina Pediatrics (Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prev.) - PAHL (Dissemination of pathways curriculum) - -
Kamilla Venner - - - - -
Jan Wayland
(505) 272-0850
College of Nursing
Qualitative Methods- Multiple Approaches
Rural Women's experiences with interpersonal violence/abuse
- -