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Undergraduate Program at The College of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The College of Nursing offers the bachelor of science in nursing (B.S.N.) degree through two distinct options: basic entry option, and R.N. to B.S.N. degree completion option.

The goals of the B.S.N. program are to prepare graduates to meet the complex health care needs of New Mexicans in an evolving health care environment and to prepare graduates for advanced nursing education.

Screening for admission to the College is conducted at periodic intervals. All applications, fees and official transcripts must be received by the deadline. Students should submit applications early to allow for adequate advisement and processing of applications.

Requirements for Admission

It is the goal of the College to admit a diverse student body who will serve the health care needs of New Mexico. To be considered for acceptance into the College of Nursing the student must have:

  1. Submitted application and required academic records by the deadline dates; successfully completed all prerequisite classes, with a "C" or better, by the date specified in the current application packet for each option.
  2. For entry into the basic entry option, see below. For entry to the R.N.-B.S.N. option, maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 based on all college work.
  3. Competency in basic computer skills including: general computer knowledge, word processing, data inquiry (databases and search engines), communication (e-mail), and searching the World Wide Web using the Internet.
  4. Additional information may be utilized to rank applicants; examples may include grade point average, and geographical differences.

NOTE: Preference is given to New Mexico residents.

Attention Future Pre-licensure Nursing students:

Starting spring 2014, the College of Nursing (CON) will be changing their admission screening policy. This will begin with the September 15, 2013 deadline for spring 2014 term. Students will now be applying to a five term nursing program which will be twenty months in duration, running continuously through the summers.

To be considered by the College of Nursing students must:

  • Complete all required freshman and sophomore Level 1 classes with a “C” (not C-) grade   or better by the beginning of Nursing Level 1 classes.
  • Achieve at least a 2.75 grade point average in the required classes.
  • Take the HESI A2 exam.
  •  Submit the online application and all official transcripts to the College of Nursing by the deadline dates.
  • Meet the requirements and apply to UNM as a degree student.

Selection from qualified applicants will be made based on the HESI A2 composite score, GPA of required classes, and other factors.

Note: New Mexico residents will be given preference.


The HESI A2 Admission Exam is offered at the CNM Workforce Training Center in Albuquerque.  Advance online registration and payment ($55) is required.  Registration and schedule information is available at  For instructions on how to create a student profile and register for a test session click here.

After you have registered and paid for your exam with CNM Workforce, go to to create your evolve username and password; you must bring this user name and password to the exam.

The test and retest for the February 15, 2014 application deadline will be offered several times, the last being February 12, 2014.  Plan ahead!  No walk-ins are allowed, and if you want to retest you must wait 45 days for the 2nd attempt. You are only allowed to take the test twice in any twelve month period. The third attempt may be scheduled one year after the second attempt.  We will use the attempt with the highest overall score, providing all subtest scores are at least 75.  We will not pick and choose highest subtest scores from different attempts.  Test results are valid for one year.

If is essential to prepare thoroughly for the HESI.  Subjects required are grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary & general knowledge, biology, chemistry, and math.  The minimum score acceptable is 75% overall, and on each subtest. The higher your score, the stronger your application.      

It is more effective to use a preparation program keyed specifically to the HESI A2 than to attempt to study on your own.  Several kinds of study materials are available, ranging in price from $20 – $100.  Locate these by searching online for “HESI A2 preparation” or by browsing in a bookstore. 

For questions about registration, scheduling, and the testing center, contact Alicia West, Workforce Training Center Program Coordinator: 505 224-5200;  For more general questions about the HESI A2, contact Kenmar Smith, or 505-272-1625.  Mr. Smith can also provide a tip sheet about how to handle a computerized, timed test, or a handout on examples of A2 prep materials.

Please note: The UNM Board of Regents approved a differential tuition for newly admitted nursing students. The differential tuition rate for nursing students as of now is $185.00 per credit hour added to your base tuition. (This may be going up for Summer 2013). Click here for more information or financial aid assistance.

Please keep checking the College of Nursing website for updates. There may be other changes, subject to on-going events.

The College of Nursing reserves the right to request the student to supply any additional information as necessary. Students are expected to be fluent in the English language.

Thank you for your interest.