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Undergraduate Program at the College of Nursing

The goals of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program are to prepare graduates to meet the complex health care needs of New Mexicans in an evolving health care environment and to prepare graduates for advanced nursing education.

Curriculum Objectives for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The graduates of the baccalaureate in nursing program will:

1. Engage in life long learning to maximize high-quality nursing care through increased understanding of human responses to health and illnesses.

2. Apply evidence-based practice in nursing care.

3. Provide culturally appropriate, patient-centered nursing care to individuals, families, and communities.

4. Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to improve the quality of health care.

5. Apply leadership principles in varied professional nursing practice roles.

6. Apply critical thinking in the development, implementation, and evaluation of standards for professional nursing practice.

7. Incorporate appropriate technologic advances into high-quality nursing care.

Pre-Licensure Option

The BSN degree not only provides the broadest background in the sciences and liberal arts, but also prepares you for a fascinating, lifelong career. The basic BSN Program at the College of Nursing covers 5 academic terms, approximately 20 months. The entire program consists of foundation courses during the first 3 terms and clinical courses at the College of Nursing for the last 5 terms.  Once accepted to the College of Nursing the last 5 terms must be taken year-round, including the summer. While in clinical courses, you will experience hands-on learning in hospitals and other health care settings under the supervision of nursing faculty.

RN to BSN Degree Completion Option

The College of Nursing offers an online option to accommodate the special needs of registered nurses (RNs) who wish to return to school to complete a baccalaureate degree.  On completion students will demonstrate achievement of the curriculum objectives expected of all College of Nursing baccalaureate students. 100% Online RN to BSN options are available. 

A new curriculum is in place beginning fall 2015, allowing students to progress through the upper division Nursing curriculum in four terms while focusing on three credit hours at a time.

Each student is counseled individually to help clarify career goals and to plan an educational program that will be the greatest benefit in meeting those goals. 

Prior college course work can be transferred where appropriate.  In addition, students may choose to challenge elective hours if fitting to their unique academic circumstances.  

Dual Degree Option

The Dual Degree Option is a partnership with several community colleges throughout the state and the University of New Mexico College of Nursing (UNM) that allows students to obtain an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) concurrently without leaving their home community. On BSN completion, students will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam with the New Mexico State Board of Nursing. This is a competitive application screening. Students are applying to a five-term program, which will be 20 months in duration, typically running continuously through the fall, spring, and summer terms. Students are responsible for tuition and fees at both the community college and UNM, with financial aid and scholarships available through UNM, if eligible.

New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium

The UNM College of Nursing is a full member of the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) and has implemented the NMNEC common statewide curriculum. More information about prerequisites, the Program of Study, admissions, and ADN and BSN partnerships is available by clicking here.