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Pre-Licensure Option

Nursing is a growing, vital field that provides numerous opportunities for employment in a wide variety of health care settings with the added benefit of flexible working hours. Nurses work throughout the country with people of different age groups and cultural backgrounds. Nursing education at the University of New Mexico is predicated on the belief that learning is an individual and lifelong process.

The BSN degree not only provides the broadest background in the sciences and liberal arts, but also prepares you for a fascinating, lifelong career. The basic BSN Program at the College of Nursing covers 5 academic terms, approximately 20 months. The entire program consists of foundation courses during the first 3 terms and clinical courses at the College of Nursing for the last 5 terms.  Once accepted to the College of Nursing the last 5 terms must be taken year-round, including the summer. While in clinical courses, you will experience hands-on learning in hospitals and other health care settings under the supervision of nursing faculty.

Relevant Document: Curriculum Worksheet

Requirements for Admission

It is the goal of the College to admit a diverse student body who will serve the health care needs of New Mexico. To be considered for acceptance into the College of Nursing the student must have:

  1. Submitted application and required academic records by the deadline dates; successfully completed all prerequisite classes, with a "C" or better, by the date specified in the current application packet for each option.
  2. For entry into the pre-licensure option, see below.
  3. Competency in basic computer skills including: general computer knowledge, word processing, data inquiry (databases and search engines), communication (e-mail), and searching the World Wide Web using the Internet.
  4. Additional information may be utilized to rank applicants; examples may include grade point average, and geographical differences.

Attention Future Pre-Licensure Nursing students:

Students will be applying to a five term nursing program which will be twenty months in duration, running continuously through the summers.

Minimum requirements to be considered for admissions to the College of Nursing:
• Meet minimum requirements to be accepted to UNM.
• Achieve at least a 2.75 grade point average in all courses in prerequisites semesters 1-2.
• Successful completion of prerequisite semester 3 by the beginning of Nursing Level 1.
• Pass each section (reading comprehension, vocabulary & general knowledge, grammar, basic math skills, biology, and chemistry) of the HESI A2 exam with 75% or higher.

Selection from qualified applicants will be made based on the HESI A2 composite score, GPA of required classes, and other factors.

NOTE: New Mexico residents will be given preference.