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NEXus Doctoral Elective Courses

The UNM College of Nursing is part of NEXus (the Nursing Education Exchange), a collaboration among several Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) doctoral programs that offer· graduate courses through distance education. These institutions have entered into an agreement that allows the programs to share seats in courses and transfer credits in those courses across member institutions. Membership in NEXus provides students access to a wide variety of courses. Through NEXus, the institutions have identified courses that are available at a distance and open for enrollment from Academic Collaborator and Affiliate member institutions. Students should discuss plans to enroll in a NEXus course with their advisor before enrolling in the course.  Without the approval of the Committee on Studies, students might not be able to include the course( s) on their Application for Candidacy.

 Financial Considerations

 The current rate for a NEXus course is $825.00/credit hour (subject to change annually). This fee typically covers all associated university fees.  As with all courses, students are responsible for the cost of books and educational materials.

 NEXus courses qualify for financial aid- if you are receiving financial aid and plan on taking a NEXus course please contact Ana Vigil ( to complete a UNM consortium agreement.

 Students are responsible for meeting the registration and payment deadlines of the institution that is offering the course. In most cases, this will not coincide with UNM's calendar so advanced planning financially and academically is important.

 Academic Considerations

 Policies on the transfer of NEXus courses vary by institution. For example, for UNM students, NEXus courses cannot be substituted for core courses, the substantive area courses, or health policy courses required by the concentration.

 Students enrolled in a NEXus course must meet all course requirements. Students are encouraged to contact the course faculty in advance to ensure that they understand the course requirements (e. g., prerequisite course vacation periods, on-campus requirements, technology requirements, synchronous versus asynchronous discussions, etc. ).

Visit for contact information and registration deadlines and dates.

For assistance in registering for a NEXus course contact Mary Jastrzemski at (505) 272-2684 or