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College of Nursing

MSC09 5350
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 1-800-690-0934


The Geriatric Education and Health Maintenance (GEHM) clinics are nurse managed clinics, which promote healthy aging by addressing concerns of senior citizens. The clinics provide a wide variety of health services to help seniors obtain and maintain the highest level of health and independence. Services are provided by Registered Nurses from the University of New Mexico College of Nursing with assistance by the University of New Mexico nursing and pharmacy students.

Services include:

* Blood pressure screening and monitoring
* Diabetes glucose blood screening
* Medication review and education
* Health related counseling and assistance
* Referrals for medical care, transportation, legal assistance, and other community services
* Nurse physicals for Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion programs

Clinic locations:
Barelas Senior Center - 714 7th Street, SW 505-764-6436
Highland Senior Center - 131 Monroe, SE 505-256-2000
Los Volcanes Senior Center - 6500 Los Volcanes Road, SW 505-836-8745
North Domingo Baca Multi-Generational Center - 7521 Carmel Ave., NE 505-764-6475
North West Valley Senior Center - 3825 4th Street, NW 505-761-4025
Manzano Mesa Multi-Generational Center - 501 Elizabeth, SE 505-275-8731
South Valley Multi-Purpose Center - 2008 Larrazolo Rd., SW 505-468-7341

For questions, please contact: Pamela Iwamoto, MSN, RN, CIC at