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Welcome Home Military Veterans

The University of New Mexico, College of Nursing, and a Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges is dedicated on supporting the needs of veterans and those currently serving in the United States armed forces. At the University of New Mexico, College of Nursing you will be supported by faculty and staff that are fellow veterans will work with fellow veterans who understand your need to purse higher education as you build your career.

The University of New Mexico, College of Nursing aims to provide student-veterans a challenging, yet very comfortable learning experience.  The University of New Mexico has both an active Student Veteran Organization chapter and an outstanding Veteran Resource Center that is a centralized resource department, easily accessible and widely available to all veterans; active duty, reserve guard, separated, retired and their dependents who would like to explore the possibility of attending UNM

Also, University of New Mexico, College of Nursing is an ideal location to pursue your nursing education. The true Southwest awaits you in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Come immerse yourself in our rich culture and heritage, rooted in centuries of history. Soak in our blue skies and sun that shines 310 days a year-perfect for outdoor activities. Breathe in the high desert air scented with sage and piñon, and you'll understand why Albuquerque, New Mexico is a destination like no other. We also are a military city, with Kirtland Air Force just minutes from campus. Unlike universities located far from a military operation, you can take advantage of the urban city living and health services available at New Mexico VA Health care System.

Come learn more about veteran opportunities and University of New Mexico, College of Nursing by contact us direct at: 505-272-8315 or

Nursing Veteran Students

James Miller


  • Rank: E-5 Sergeant
  • Branch: Army
  • Campaign: Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran
  • Status: VANAP Student
  • Degree Completion: BSN - Summer 2015

Matthew Grindstaff


  • Rank: E-6 Staff Sergeant
  • Branch: Army
  • Campaign: Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Military Award: Purple Heart Recipient
  • Degree Completion: BSN - Fall 2014
  • Status: BSN Student

James left for boot camp two weeks after his high school graduation, just mere months before 9/11, as he felt a deep duty to serve his country. After completing his enlistment with the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division, James returned to school initially to obtain a degree in History from the University of Arizona. Feeling that there was something more he should be doing, he turned to a nurse in his family and realized his life’s calling. James intends to use the skills he learned in the US Army such as teamwork, leadership and cultural awareness in every aspect of his nursing career. After graduation he hopes to stay in New Mexico and work within the VA system to give back to the population he has deep ties to.

Becoming a nurse was not on Matt’s mind when he joined the Army with the hopes to learn and see new things right after his high school graduation in 2001. During his stint in the Army, Matt was deployed once to Afghanistan and once to Iraq where he was injured by a rocket propelled grenade. After being injured in the line of duty, Matt received a Purple Heart and came home stateside to recuperate. After being honorable discharged from the Army in 2012, Matt decided to start college with no clear major in mind and to just start taking general and core classes that would count towards any career path he wanted to take. It was only after seeing the wonderful care his wife received while giving birth to their first son that Matt saw the compassion and care that being a nurse embodied and he soon determined that is what he wanted to do.  Matt was able to use the skills the Army imparted upon him such as maturity, the ability to focus and handle stress and leadership to become a successful nursing student.  After graduating with his BSN in the fall of 2014 he hopes to work with children in the Pediatric Emergency Room or New Born ICU and then go on to obtain a Masters in Nursing in either Family Nurse Practitioner or Pediatric Nursing Practitioner.