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Ceremony Information

*Convocation Sign Up
Please sign up for the UNM College of Nursing Convocation Ceremony on Friday, August 11, 2017 at

Before the Convocation Ceremony

There is no rehearsal for the ceremony so it is important that you pay attention to all directions before and during the ceremony.  Please do not wear flowers on the academic robe. Also, do not bring purses or valuables as there is no secure place to put your items.  Students will form a processional line 30 minutes before the ceremony.  The advisors will line students up, hand out name cards, and provide instructions.  The marshalls will be instructing you on when to stand, be seated, and when to exit.

The Ceremony

A marshall will lead you in the procession. After you are seated and the Dean is finished with her greeting, honors and award information will be read aloud. As your name is announced, you will stand to acknowledge your award. A marshall will then signal your class to form a line to be recognized by the Dean. You will give your name card, with relevant organizations and/or honor societies, to a marshall who hands it to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  She will read aloud your name as walk across the stage.

Ending the Ceremony

The PhD, DNP, MSN, followed by BSN graduates will exit in a recessional line, led by a marshall. Please do not celebrate by throwing confetti, rice or any other objects that require clean up.  Thanks for your cooperation and have a wonderful celebration.

Academic Robes

Please go to for details regarding the academic robes. You may order your cap and gown at the UNM Medical/Legal Bookstore Please contact the Medical/Legal Bookstore at: 277-5828 if you have any question.  Each graduate is required to wear a cap and gown to the Convocation ceremony.


Bachelor's degree graduates wear red caps and gowns with an apricot tassel.

Master Graduates

Academic costume for the MSN includes an apricot velvet lined Master’s degree hood.  MSN graduates will wear their hoods to the ceremony. 

DNP and PhD Graduates

Academic regalia for the PhD includes a blue velvet-lined doctoral hood.  Please check your hood to be sure it has the appropriate color before the day of graduation.  These hoods will not be worn during the processional, but are carried draped over each candidate’s left arm. 

Diploma Sign Up

To submit diploma information please visit

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in the commencement and/or convocation ceremony is not a guarantee or indication of degree completion.  To officially graduate from UNM, students must satisfy all university, school, college and/or departmental requirements for the specific degree.  Students should meet with an advisor to ensure that they are on track to graduate.