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Past New Alumni Award Recipient: Lauri Lineweaver

Lauri Lineweaver

Class of 2009

Lauri Lineweaver is the recipient of the UNM College of Nursing 2013 New Alumni Award.  She is currently the Director of Clinical Practice, Innovation, and Research at Presbyterian Health Services and a Doctoral Candidate and Robert Wood Johnson Fellow in UNM’s Nursing and Health Policy Collaborative.

Nationally, statewide, and locally, Lauri has influenced nursing practice.  She has received recognition for her contributions to improved nursing outcomes, including the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence Awards for Clinical Excellence in Education and Research and excellence in Cardiac Care.

Lauri’s commitment to patient care outcomes has always been a motivating factor prompting independent research with positive changes to nursing practice. For example, her study on the potential for infection related to patient’s bath basins was published in the American Journal of Critical Care and has been utilized as a practice guide since its publication. She also developed the Nursing Workload Intensity Index measuring the individual patient workload and make appropriate staffing assignments which led to national presentations on predictive staffing models and publication for the American Nurses Association. 

In her current role, Lauri has led the effort to integrate a single, interprofessional Clinical Practice Model throughout Presbyterian facilities across the state of New Mexico. She is responsible for managing and providing training and transformational services for over 5,000 clinical employees and leaders across nine clinical disciplines in eight hospitals and critical access facilities throughout the state.

As an Educator, Lauri developed and implemented clinical, classroom and simulation instruction for multiple major educational initiatives at Presbyterian. Some of these programs include a  Nurse Technician course, Graduate Nurse Common Curriculum program and strategic safety initiatives.

As Presbyterian’s Clinical Coordinator, Lauri standardized clinical affiliation agreements and compliance requirements, served as point of contact for academic affiliates in all PHS clinical areas, and developed an in-depth clinical coordination plan that increased the provision of services for Academic affiliates and students. In addition, she incorporated Presbyterian clinical managers and staff in planning academic placements and integrated compliance requirements to ensure optimal educational experiences for students and, most importantly, safe care for patients, families and communities.

Lauri is actively involved in educational and youth organizations as well. She is a member of the American Nurses Association, is active in multiple other professional organizations and activities, and has authored more than 14 presentations or articles.  She has been instrumental in providing leadership to a Girl Scout troop, participating in parent/teacher organizations, and contributing her expertise to educational advisory committees. However, one of her proudest moments was the creation of a Foundation that raised funds and provided direction for the renovation of a building to house the Cottonwood Classical Charter School.

Lauri has demonstrated her ability to shape the nursing profession on many levels and, as this ability continues to grow, she will impact the future of the nursing profession.

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