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Types of Contributions

The UNM Foundation provides you with an easy and secure process when making contributions online. For more information, please visit the UNM Foundation Web page (

Suggested Types of Contributions

Cash or Securities: Your gifts of cash or stock will be used to support the area of greatest need in the College of Nursing, which includes faculty endowments, student scholarships, online education, community programs, equipment, and more. There are also numerous specific initiatives your gift can designate (for example, the Nursing Chair Fund, the Carter-Fleck Professorship, the Midwifery Program Fund or the Nursing Legacy Fund.)

Life Income Gifts: Support the College of Nursing while ensuring your own financial security. We can help you choose from a variety of life income gifts that offer immediate tax benefits as well as income for life, gifts that also support our nursing students, faculty and academic programs.

Retirement Plans: Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and company sponsored 401K plans make excellent gift vehicles.

Real Estate: Business, investment and personal residence can provide you with significant tax benefits if properly used as gift vehicles.

Insurance Policies: The UNM Foundation (College of Nursing) can be named as a contingent beneficiary on paid-up policies. Fully paid policies can be assigned to the UNM Foundation for the College of Nursing, and new policies can be purchased naming the UNM Foundation as owner and beneficiary.

Bequests: Giving through a will is a simple yet meaningful way to provide support to the organizations that you have cherished during your lifetime. Often times, a gift through a will is the most significant charitable gift an individual will make. By telling us that you have provided for the College of Nursing with a bequest to the UNM Foundation, we can show our appreciation during your lifetime. It is important to clarify with the organization you wish to support the appropriate language to describe your gift so your intentions can be fulfilled.

Workplace Giving/Matching Gifts: Ask your employer to match your contribution to the UNM Foundation for the College of Nursing or to automatically deduct donations from your paycheck.

Corporate Contributions: If your business would like to support the mission of the College of Nursing and make a commitment toward one of our programs, please let us know.

For more information on any of the above types of contributions and designated projects or programs in the College of Nursing, please contact:

Sara Lister