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Changing Worlds: Sue Daulton

Sue Daulton

A Steadfast Friend

Donor’s Cumulative Giving Means a Lot to Students

By Michelle G. McRuiz

How do you change the world? If you do it Sue Daulton style, quietly and respectfully.

For more than 40 years, Sue—along with her late husband, Paul (BA ’47), who passed away in 2007—have given generously to three important areas at UNM: The College of Nursing (CON), the Presidential Scholarship Program (PSP), and the Lobo Club.

“Sue has made a great impact on the lives of nursing students and faculty, and the total academic program,” says Rosemary Gregory, director of development at the College.

For all her generosity, however, Sue has always shunned the limelight. She was “dumbfounded” upon hearing that she had won the 2011 Zia Award, which the UNM Alumni Association bestows annually to alumni for their philanthropy and other activities. And at the CON graduation this spring, Sue was taken by surprise when Dean Nancy Ridenour pronounced her the College’s first honorary nurse.

Sue and Paul have given to the PSP every year since its inception in 1976, and Sue continues to support it. This program matches interested donors to scholars, whom they then sponsor. Sponsors and students have opportunities to become acquainted. Sue receives letters of gratitude from the Presidential Scholars she has sponsored, and said, “What they’re studying is over my head by about nine feet.”

Supporting the Lobo Club, which raises funds for athletic scholarships, is another philanthropic activity that Sue and Paul embarked on together and that Sue continues. She admires the academic resources available to student athletes to help them balance the demands of school and sport.

While Sue’s husband, brother, and son, Tom, all graduated from UNM, Sue herself did not, although she came very close. “I’ve always regretted that,” she said. Now she helps other UNM students graduate. “It gives me a great deal of pleasure.”