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Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Toni Berg

Photo: Toni BergClass of 1967

Toni Berg received the UNM College of Nursing 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award. She had dedicated over 30 years of her professional life to helping teenage girls who are about to be or who are young mothers as well as to the health of their children. Toni embodies the idea of the nurse in clinical practice who is making a difference in her community and is influencing the advancement of nursing.

New Futures School is an alternative school in the Albuquerque School District that provides education for young women who are pregnant or parenting a child. Toni is the Health Director, Personal & Child Health Instructor, Healthy Child Development Team Teacher, Childbirth Education Instructor, Lactation Consultant, and School Nurse.

She is often helping New Futures students with problems such as breastfeeding, fears or concerns with a pregnancy, the possibility of a student in labor, or helping with the decision as to whether a child needs to see a pediatrician. She has also been an advocate for teen mothers to be able to breastfeed in the classroom. This has allowed for the babies of these young mothers to have the best nutrition possible while keeping students in their classes.

For many years she has been a preceptor for UNM College of Nursing. Taking nursing students under her wing, she sees that they get experiences in the child development centers, the classrooms, and the health care clinics that provide services for the teenagers and their children at New Futures School. Toni also arranges for nursing students to give presentations on topics such as “the experience of labor and delivery” or “nutrition during pregnancy” and other important issues.

Commitment like Toni Berg’s is an exemplar of the quality of alumni that graduate from the UNM College of Nursing.

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