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Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Patricia E. Boyle

Photo: Patricia BoyleClass of 1991

Patricia Boyle received the UNM College of Nursing 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award. She has dedicated 30 years of her professional life to nursing and health care. Executive leadership, policy and nursing staff development and education are her areas of concentration. Patricia effectively motivates and empowers others to bring nursing issues to the forefront. She exhibits great passion for the profession, accompanied by her contagious enthusiasm and persistent efforts.

Currently the executive director of the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence, Patricia has guided this non-profit organization to a status of recognition with a significant infrastructure and impressive outcomes. Patricia created the Clinical Teaching Institute to support practicing nurses with education and mentorship. She also has directed a statewide recognition award program honoring nurses around the state at all levels from students to retirees. It is an exceptional annual event with 200-250 nominations and 800 guests.

Patricia is a deeply committed, energetic, caring nursing leader who facilitates groups to advance nursing issues in New Mexico and collaborates with other nursing professional organizations and stakeholders. One of the coalitions that she has been instrumental in building led to a final report culminating in a strategic vision and plan for nursing across the entire state. Directed by the state legislature, Patricia convened a task force for House Joint Memorial 40, a bill designed to develop a sustainable long-term plan for the recruitment and retention of nursing faculty. She formed the Nursing Council of New Mexico, a group focused on turning recommendations into action for nursing education, practice, recruitment and retention.

Loyal to the University of New Mexico, Patricia promotes the Career Seminar in Nursing on the UNM main campus as a guest faculty member. This seminar introduces nursing students and undecided major students to nursing. She is also a volunteer for the College of Nursing Leadership Strategies class, speaking with the students about professional culture and the importance of nursing organizations including the opportunities and benefits of the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence. She takes great pride in sharing her devotion to nursing with the students.

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