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Strategic Planning

The College of Nursing's three major goals:

Goal 1. Prepare successful nursing professionals.
Goal 2. Create a community within The University of New Mexico College of Nursing that is diverse, inclusive, and supportive.
Goal 3. Develop and sustain collaborative partnerships.

Though the language is simple, the intention is grounded in historical successes that can be built upon to assure a successful, sustainable future for the College of Nursing. These goals will serve as long-term aspirations and will guide the College of Nursing's activities in the future.

The College meets annually to measure progress towards meeting current metrics and to establish new metrics for the upcoming year.

In an effort to plan for continued success as the premier resource for nursing education in the state, the University of New Mexico College of Nursing developed this document, intended to be the framework that will provide operational guidance in the coming years. The process brought together key faculty and administrative personnel to revise the existing strategic plan and incorporate the College’s values and goals into a newly designed document that will provide evidence of success as well as opportunities for improvement. Following an all-college retreat that involved every member of the college, a task force of 14 individuals, six faculty and eight staff, met regularly over three months to fine-tune the goals and objectives. What is presented here is the result of that work.

The task force was mindful to keep the College’s core values ever present. Previously identified, the values of the College of Nursing are:

  • Academic Excellence,
  • Diversity & Inclusion,
  • Innovation, and
  • Respect.

The strategic goals and objectives intentionally mirrored some aspect of each of the values. The task force members worked in three groups, each group focusing on a major goal identified during the all-college meeting. The finalized strategic plan was presented to the College’s senior leadership team, the coordinating committee, staff council and full faculty for approval. Each step of the process garnered input from stakeholders and revisions were made.

It was the intention of the task force to produce a living document capable of capturing successes and shortcomings. Furthermore, the desire was to have a final document that embodied the spirit of caring that is present on a daily basis throughout the College. What follows this summary are the detailed goals and metrics, along with a rationale for each goal, the College will follow to determine success as it strives to remain a vital force in nursing education in New Mexico.

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