Photo: Nurse smiling. Message: Over 50 years of service. Photo: Nursing graduates in caps and gowns. Message: Outstanding students. Photo: Nurse in scrubs and mask. Message: Generating nursing science. Photo: Woman reading a book. Message: Educating leaders in healthcare. Photo: Nurses reviewing a medical chart. Message: Teaching critical thinking. Photo: Nurse holding stethoscope smiling. Message: Healing our community. Photo: Nurse examining child with stethoscope. Message: Advocating for patients. Photo: Nurse graduate in cap and gown. Message: Distinguished alumni community. Photo: Nursing graduate shaking hands with faculty in cap and gown. Message: Promising graduates.

Goal 3: Develop and Sustain Collaborative Partnerships.

3.1. Strategy 1: Partner with academic institutions through the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) and other institutions.

3.1.1. Metric 1: In 2017, graduate a minimum of 60 BSN students with dual ADN/BSN degrees through NMNEC.
3.1.2. Metric 2: Matriculate a minimum of six students into the Post-Masters Psych/Mental Health Practitioner program in 2017.
3.1.3. Metric 3: Maintain/improve student enrollment and faculty participation with NEXus Nursing Education Exchange.
3.1.4. Metric 4: Increase enrollment of RN to BSN Degree Completion students by collaborating with Academic Partnerships.

3.2. Strategy 2: Partner with business, community, and healthcare organizations.

3.2.1. Metric 1: In 2017, 20 students will successfully complete the Care of the Veteran elective.
3.2.2. Metric 2: Conduct a minimum of six outreach events annually at New Mexico VA Health Care system and other organizations.

3.3. Strategy 3: Integrate faculty practice within the UNM HSC and Health System and with other community partners.

3.3.1. Metric 1 Identify clinical practice and research opportunities for faculty within the UNM Health System and other community partners.

3.4. Strategy 4: Partner with clinicians and preceptors across the state.

3.4.1. Metric 1: Continue to engage preceptors at the undergraduate and graduate levels through biannual preceptor newsletters and explore additional opportunities to build relationships with current and potential preceptor partners in the community.
3.4.2. Metric 2: Develop one or more new clinical site(s) in rural and/or underserved areas for Advanced Practice Nursing students.
3.4.3. Metric 3: Develop one or more new clinical site(s) in rural and/or underserved areas for pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing students.
3.4.4. Metric 4: Evaluate the needs of DNP students for clinical sites.
3.4.5. Metric 5: Develop guidelines for bringing guest speakers and lecturers to the College including logistics and evaluation.
3.4.6. Metric 6: Gather data and assess professional support needs of registered nurses and nurse practitioners in rural communities across the state.