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Goal 2: Create a Community within the College that is Diverse, Inclusive, and Supportive.

2.1. Strategy 1: Foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment to advance health equity.

2.1.1. Metric 1: Evaluate current admissions policies to improve the enrollment of students from underrepresented groups.
2.1.2. Metric 2: Implement new holistic admissions process to increase student diversity to better reflect the population of New Mexico.
2.1.3. Metric 3: Develop systems within the College addressing recruitment, retention, and graduation of diverse students to reflect and serve the population of New Mexico.
2.1.4. Metric 4: Offer three diversity related trainings or presentations to College faculty, staff, and students annually.
2.1.5. Metric 5: Produce annual diversity report describing the state of diversity and inclusion efforts and activities within the College along with key demographic information.
2.1.6. Metric 6: Review the educational needs and access to training for potential students from underserved areas of the state and develop a proposal to address findings.

2.2. Strategy 2: Achieve excellence in faculty and staff performance and wellbeing.

2.2.1. Metric 1: Provide resources for professional development of faculty and staff to enhance and support the mission of the College.
2.2.2. Metric 2: All faculty and staff actively participate in establishing goals for employee performance reviews.
2.2.3. Metric 3: Encourage faculty and staff to make use of their earned annual leave time, having less than 30% of faculty and staff with a maximum leave balance of 252 hours.
2.2.4. Metric 4: Develop and deploy employee satisfaction surveys for faculty and staff by Fall 2017.
2.2.5. Metric 5: Publicly acknowledge and disseminate faculty, staff, and student professional and academic accomplishments within the University and to external constituents.
2.2.6. Metric 6: Provide trainings to increase awareness of University available resources, policies, and procedures to support the retention of faculty and staff per employee satisfaction survey results.
2.2.7. Metric 7: Create and display College Values marketing campaign throughout the College to foster awareness.
2.2.8. Metric 8: Develop an electronic resource for accessing University and College policies and procedures by June 2017.
2.2.9. Metric 9: Develop and implement strategies for the College of Nursing to participate in Health Nurse, Healthy Nation/ New Mexico and the University of New Mexico Wellness Program.

2.3. Strategy 3: Strengthen hiring process to recruit from a diverse pool of applicants for faculty and staff.

2.3.1. Metric 1: Revise language of all College job postings to include a statement on the College’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
2.3.2. Metric 2: In each interview process, include a question to show evidence of the candidate’s commitment to and engagement with diversity and inclusion efforts.

2.4. Strategy 4: Identify new opportunities to increase the number and diversity of community stakeholders involved with the College.

2.4.1. Metric 1: Develop and deploy an internal survey to identify current strengths, gaps, and areas of opportunity within rural/underserved New Mexico by April 2017.
2.4.2. Metric 2: Develop action plan to address opportunities in rural/underserved New Mexico based on survey results.