Photo: Nurse smiling. Message: Over 50 years of service. Photo: Nursing graduates in caps and gowns. Message: Outstanding students. Photo: Nurse in scrubs and mask. Message: Generating nursing science. Photo: Woman reading a book. Message: Educating leaders in healthcare. Photo: Nurses reviewing a medical chart. Message: Teaching critical thinking. Photo: Nurse holding stethoscope smiling. Message: Healing our community. Photo: Nurse examining child with stethoscope. Message: Advocating for patients. Photo: Nurse graduate in cap and gown. Message: Distinguished alumni community. Photo: Nursing graduate shaking hands with faculty in cap and gown. Message: Promising graduates.

Goal 1. Prepare successful nursing professionals.

1.1. Strategy 1: Demonstrate academic success by program graduation rates and licensure and/ or certification.

1.1.1. Metric 1: Maintain NCLEX pass rates of at least 80% for pre-licensure BSN graduates.
1.1.2. Metric 2: Maintain certification exam pass rates of at least 80% across all APRN concentrations.
1.1.3. Metric 3: Maintain graduation rates of at least 80% for pre-licensure Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.
1.1.4. Metric 4: Identify and develop a measurement of successful completion rate for RN to BSN degree completion candidates.
1.1.5. Metric 5: Maintain graduation rates of at least 80% of professional doctoral students (DNP) within three years.
1.1.6. Metric 6: Maintain/ improve current graduation rates for the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing students who achieve candidacy.

1.2. Strategy 2: Provide and promote leadership opportunities for students across all levels and programs.

1.2.1. Metric 1: Build systems to increase student participation on College committees.
1.2.2. Metric 2: College Leadership will meet with officers of the Student Nurses Association and the Graduate Student Nurses Association once per semester.

1.3. Strategy 3: Create a culture of scholarship within the College.

1.3.1. Metric 1: Review organizational structure and hiring needs to create a centralized support system for faculty research and scholarship and develop recommendations.
1.3.2. Metric 2: In 2017, College faculty will submit an increased number of new proposals for contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements to extramural agencies relative to the previous year.
1.3.3. Metric 3: Promote three innovative initiatives for professional development of faculty, students, and staff.
1.3.4. Metric 4: Provide opportunities for students to engage in and disseminate nursing scholarly projects.
1.3.5. Metric 5: Identify the College’s focus for research and scholarship by setting three distinct priorities.