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Research Directory

This directory includes all Research Faculty and Staff.  To search, type a name in the filter box.

Leah AlbersProfessor EmeritaCNM, DrPH(505)
Jennifer AverillAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN(505),
Shari BowieGrants Coordinator(505)
Cassandra BurnettAdministrative Assistant III, Research TeamASWD(505)
Jane Chung Assistant ProfessorPhD, RN(505)
Kim CoxInterim PhD Program Director, Associate ProfessorPhD, CNM, FACNM(505)
Barbara DamronAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN, FAAN(505)
Emily HaozousAssociate Professor, PhD Program DirectorPhD, RN(505)
Stephen HernandezAssistant ProfessorPhD, RN(505)
Bryan JacksonProgram Coordinator(505)
Mary JastrezemskiProgram Planning Manager(505)
Shana JudgeAssistant ProfessorJD, PhD(505)
Jongwon LeeAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN(505)
Marie LoboProfessor EmeritaPhD, RN, FAAN(505)
Anne MattarellaTechnical EditorMA, ELS(505)
Robin Meize-GrochowskiProfessor PhD, RN(505)
Mark ParshallProfessor, Interim Research ChairPhD, RN, FAAN(505)
Sharon RuyakAssistant ProfessorPhD, CNM, RN(505)
Antoinette SabedraProgram Manager RWJF Collaborative (505)
Geoff ShusterAssociate Professor EmeritaDNSc., RN(505)
Beth Baldwin TiggesAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN, PNP, BC(505)
Mindy TinkleAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN, WHNP-BC, FAAN(505)
Dorinda WelleAssistant ProfessorPhD(505)