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College of Nursing

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1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

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Heidi Rogers

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Assistant Professor

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Heidi Honegger Rogers DNP, FNP-C, APHN-BC is a family nurse practitioner, advanced practice holistic nurse and assistant professor in the University of New Mexico college of Nursing since August, 2015. Heidi earned her bachelor’s and master’s of nursing at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and has worked as a family nurse practitioner for 19 years in Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Espanola. She received her doctorate in nursing practice from the University of Colorado in 2015.

Heidi earned her certification as an advance practice holistic nurse in fall of 2016, and she continues to develop her practice as well as support the practice of students and colleagues in the holistic nursing framework. She helped build a practice based in this model in Santa Fe New Mexico that includes the opportunity for FNP students to participate during their clinical rotations.

As an assistant professor, she has designed a BSN level introduction to holistic nursing course, and she currently is the course lead for the evidence based practice and theoretical foundations in the MSN program. She is also the student success coordinator for the MSN programs and is responsible for building structures that help the MSN APRN students flourish in their education.

Heidi's research focuses on the sustainability of the holistic nursing APRN model in the current health care environment. She is dedicated to the idea that advanced practice nurses have experience working with people from the holistic framework, and she hopes to improve access to holistic primary care services across New Mexico with her research.

Pronoun preferences: She/her/hers and the singular “they” for general use.

University of Colorado - Denver, CO
Doctorate of Nursing Practice May, 2015
University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA    
MS in Nursing, graduated Sigma Theta Tau Decemeber, 1997
BS in Nursing, graduated Magna Cum Laude May, 1996
University of Colorado - Boulder, CO
BA in Humanities May, 1990

University of New Mexico College of Nursing

8/15 - present

  • Assistant Professor in the FNP and and DNP programs She is working on projects to integrate holistic nursing models into nurse practitioner practice and also collaborations to improve mental and behavioral health outcomes in homeless youth populations.  She is teaching in the interprofessional education, undergraduate and graduate programs and her areas of teaching are in holistic nursing, nursing theory, evidence based practice and adolescent health.  

St. John’s College, Santa Fe, NM

12/13- 8/15

  • Director of student health and wellness responsible for operations of the student health center, seeing patients, and directing health and wellness programs across the campus.  Worked on a quality improvement project to increase utilization of primary care services as well as improve the assessment and treatment of sleep disorders.  Helped formulate a strategic plan for a tobacco free campus.

University of St. Francis, Albuquerque, NM

5/10 – 8/15

  • Adjunct faculty, Family Nurse Practitioner program, teaching core clinical courses as well as Role Development, Evidence Based Healthcare and Biostatistics


3/13 – 10/14

  • Board member and board president (3/13-10/14) providing direct oversight to executive director and staff of this non-profit program that provided education in Nonviolent Communication and restorative justice using meditation, yoga and creative arts programming with incarcerated populations. Worked with Comienzos staff to develop and manage a re-entry program funded through Optum Health which was grounded in the philosophy of NVC and partnered with Littleglobe to using stakeholder built film as a medium for reflection and telling stories about the experiences of re-entry: