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Faculty Directory

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Leah AlbersProfessor EmeritaCNM, DrPH(505)
Nuzhat AliSenior LecturerRN, MSN(505)
Carrie AllisonLecturer (VA Hospital)RN, MSN Ed(505)
Jennifer AverillAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN(505),
Jason BaronLecturer MSN, RN(505)
Blake BoursawInstructorMS, BSM(505)
Karen BrownAssistant Professor, MSN Education Concentration CoordinatorPhD, RN(505)
Shandra BurtonPrincipal Lecturer, Student Success CoordinatorMSN, RN(505)
Carol CapitanoAssistant ProfessorPhD, PMHCNS-BC (505) -
Kathryn Ann CaudellAssociate Professor EmeritusPhD, ACNP(505)
Jane Chung Assistant ProfessorPhD, RN(505)
Christine CogilAssistant Professor, FNP CoordinatorDNP, MSN, FNP-C(505)
Adreanne CordovaLecturer MSN, RN(505)
Kim CoxInterim PhD Program Director, Associate ProfessorPhD, CNM, FACNM(505)
Barbara DamronAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN, FAAN(505)
Angeline Christine DelucasAssistant ProfessorDNP, MPH, RN, NEA-BC(505)
Ruth De RegoAssistant ProfessorDNP, CNP, ANP-BC(505)
Gloria DixonAssistant ProfessorDNP, PMHNP(505)
Jennifer DrexlerInstructorPhDc, MSN, RN, CCRN(505)
Robert ElgieSenior LecturerMSN, RN(505)
Denai ForrestLecturerMSN, RN(505)
Marisa FrancisSenior LecturerRN, MSN-Ed(505)
Katherine GrandSenior Lecturer 1MSN-Ed, RN(505)
Geraldine Guerra-SandovalLecturer 1MSN-Ed, RN, CMSRN(505)
Kathleen Guthrie-MinoliSenior LecturerMSN, FNP(505)
Joanne HaeffeleAssociate Professor, DNP Clinical Program DirectorPhD, APN, FNP(505)
Tamara HallLecturerRN, PNP-BC(505)
Emily HaozousAssociate Professor, PhD Program DirectorPhD, RN(505)
Judith HarrisRetired Part-time Faculty(505)
Ingrid HendrixNursing Services Librarian, Principal Lecturer IIIMILS, AHIP(505)
Stephen HernandezAssistant ProfessorPhD, RN(505)
Therese HidalgoAssistant ProfessorDNP, CFNP, RN(505)
DeAnn JonasVA FacultyRN, MSN(505)
Shana JudgeAssistant ProfessorJD, PhD(505)
Loren KellyInstructorMSN, RN(505)
Susan KoronkiewiczSenior Lecturer, BSN Undergraduate Program DirectorRN, MSN(505)
Jongwon LeeAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN(505)
Amy LeviLeah L. Albers Professor of Midwifery CNM, WHNP-BC, PhD(505)
Judy LiesveldInterim Associate Dean of Academic AffairsPhD, PPCNP-BC, RN(505)
Marie LoboProfessor EmeritaPhD, RN, FAAN(505)
Jennifer LovatoSenior Lecturer IMSN, RN(505)
Karin LudiPrinciple Lecturer 1 MSN, BS,RN,CLNC(505)
Jan MartinAssistant ProfessorDNP, RN, CCM, PAHM(505)
Rachel MarzecInstructorFNP-BC, PMHNP-BC(505)
Kim MckinleyAssistant ProfessorDNP, ACNP, INS(505)
Robin Meize-GrochowskiProfessor PhD, RN(505)
Amie MerhegeLecturer 1MSN, CPNP, RN(505)
Laura MigliaccioInstructorCNM, MSN, BSN, RN(505)
Carolyn MontoyaInterim DeanPhD, CPNP(505)
Vicki L NiaziLecturer, VA HospitalMSN, BSN, RN(505)
Felina OrtizAssistant ProfessorDNP, MSN, CNM(505)
Kristen Ostrem-NiemcewiczAssistant Professor, Director MSN ProgramsDNP, CFNP, CNM, MSN(505)
Barbara OvermanAssociate ProfessorPhD, CNM, RN(505)
Mark ParshallProfessor, Interim Research ChairPhD, RN, FAAN(505)
Sarah PatelLecturer 1MSN, RNC(505)
Joe PooleClinical Educator, InstructorMSN, RN, CNE, PhDc(505)
Nancy RidenourDean and ProfessorPhD, RN, APRN, BC, FAAN(505)
Heidi RogersAssistant ProfessorDNP, FNP-C, APHN-BC(505)
Van RoperAssistant ProfessorPhD, FNP-C(505)
Sharon RuyakAssistant ProfessorPhD, CNM, RN(505)
Sharon SchaafAssistant ProfessorRN, FNP, DNP(505)
Debra SerrinoInstructorMSN, RN(505)
Geoff ShusterAssociate Professor EmeritaDNSc., RN(505)
Debra SmithPrincipal LecturerMSN, RN, CNE(505)
Kerri SullivanLecturer, VA HospitalMSN, RN(505)
Beth Baldwin TiggesAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN, PNP, BC(505)
Mindy TinkleAssociate ProfessorPhD, RN, WHNP-BC, FAAN(505)
Herica TorresInstructor, Sims DirectorRN, MSN(505)
Lisa Marie TurkInstructorRN, MSN(505)
Jenny VacekSenior LecturerMSN, RN(505)
Laura VanyoPrinciple Lecturer 1MSN-Ed, RN(505)
LeeAnna VargasLecturerMSN, RN(505)
Amy WeissAssistant ProfessorDNP, FNP-BC(505)
Dorinda WelleAssistant ProfessorPhD(505)
Rachel Lynn WestInstructorPhDc, MSN, MHA, RN(505)
Melissa WolfeLecturerMSN(505)
PJ WoodsInterim Practice Chair, ProfessorPhD, MBA, RN, NEA-BC(505)
Mary WrightPrincipal LecturerMSN, RN(505)
Jacqueline WuellnerInstructor, RN-BSN Program DirectorMSN, MPH, RN, COHN-S(505)
Vivian YarmolaClinician Ed-Assist ProfessorDNP(505)
Victoria YuLecturer (VA Hospital)DNP, JD, RN(505)